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Demystifying urql With urql-devtools

Using urql-devtools to better understand urql as a GraphQL client.

Machine Learning on the Command Line

Using Node.js to create scripts that utilize popular machine learning algorithms.

React to React Native: How Hard Could It Be?

Comparing the browser framework to it's native companion, and contrasting the development approaches.

Evolution of an API: A Case for GraphQL

A discussion of API development over the years, and how GraphQL has evolved to address the problems that have arisen in that time.
📹 UtahJSSeptember 20, 2019
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TypeScript in React: A Love Story

An overview of practices my team found beneficial while integrating TypeScript into a React monorepo.
📹 React DenverApril 16, 2019
Formidable Denver Open House - October 25, 2018
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Using JavaScript to Teach Machines How to do Cool Things

A gentle introduction to machine learning - defining basic algorithms and discussing why we wouldn't usually use JS to implement them.