About Kylie Stewart

Prior to development, Kylie worked as a Store Coordinator at Tesla Motors in the Mid-Atlantic, as a Volunteer Coordinator in a position with the AmeriCorps VISTA program, and as a bartender on and off in between.

Technical CV


Software Engineer II, Formidable Labs

Maintained Spectacle, Formidable’s open-sourced React.js-based project for building interactive and informational presentations, through a rewrite of the library. We achieved our goal of modernizing the internal architecture and improving the authoring experience through an introduction of React hooks. We wrote about this project in a blog post: https://formidable.com/blog/2020/spectacle-6/.

Worked with a multinational fast food company to build out an extensive brand-agnostic online ordering and delivery system, using React, AWS Lambdas, and Next.js.

Also worked with an international medical supply conglomerate to roll out a major update to the company’s internal CMS and external e-commerce website, using React, TypeScript, Next.js, and GraphQL.

Continued to take part in marketing initiatives and management of Formidable’s public presence, both on Twitter and in-person at community events.

Denver, CO


Software Engineer I, Formidable Labs

Phoenix, AZ

Worked on a team with a Walmart-owned startup to build microservices that facilitate communication between a customer service interface and various backend services that were hosted over Firebase. Kylie was the primary developer for various APIs, including our payment and profile systems. Technologies used include Kubernetes, Node.js, and GCP.

Also worked on Formidable’s contract with a digital currency platform, helping to build a dashboard for trading cryptocurrencies and monitoring investments, using TypeScript and React.

Contributed to various Formidable OSS, including Spectacle, a React.js-based library for building interactive and informational presentations.

Spoke at various meetups and conferences, including a talk at the FormidaDenver Open House in October 2018 titled “How TypeScript Made Me a Better Developer”.

Helped with marketing initiatives, including introducing a standardized Code of Conduct for participation in Formidable’s open sourced software and helping to manage Formidable’s public Twitter profile.


Phoenix, AZ

Attended DevMountain’s first iteration of its full-time web development program in Phoenix, Arizona. During Kylie’s time at this bootcamp, she was interviewed by a local periodical about her experience at DevMountain, collaborated with various teams to build a variety of projects, including a news distributor that took machine learning into account when dispensing article recommendations to its subscribers, and spoke at a local meetup about her experience learning and implementing React Native.

Was hired at Formidable Labs five weeks after graduating the program, working remotely as a junior developer, with a start date of January 16th, 2018.